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Welcome Juniors, Parents, and prospective Rowing Families!

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KCRC Juniors is a place to meet and compete on a crew with other teens who like a sport that’s both fun and intense. And it doesn’t involve throwing, kicking, or chasing a ball around a field or court. Read below to see what rowing can do for you.

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What rowing can do for you

  • You will get toned! Rowing uses 84% of muscle groups.
  • Rowing is a low-impact and no-contact sport. Athletes are less subject to injury than many other sports.
  • Develops discipline and teamwork – learning to be part of a two
    , four, or eight-member crew (all doing exactly the same thing at the same time) takes focus.
  • Is a chance to earn an athletic scholarship, particularly for women.
    Click here to check out the list of over 150 universities that offer scholarships.
  • Is a year-round sport. If we’re not on the water, we’re in the gym training.
  • Is co-ed. We have girls, boys, and mixed crews.
  • Is a life-long sport. We have rowers from 14 to 70’s and above.

What’s expected

  • Be punctual. If only three team members of a four-member crew show up to row, no one gets to row.
  • Be focused. Conversations happen on land. In the boat, we listen to our coach, our coxswain, and the sound our oars make in the water.
  • Be willing and ready to compete. Please don’t miss a competition because you didn’t get your homework done, you stayed up too late, or you forgot. Your team won’t let you down, and they expect the same from you.


  • The club travels to an average of about one regatta per month. Most of those competitions require one or sometimes two nights out-of-town.
  • You’ll compete in one to five races during one regatta. You’ll be in different crew combinations for each race.
  • Races can be as short as a few minutes (sprints) to 20 minutes or more for longer races.
  • You can race your first year. There is a “novice” class for first-year rowers. If you’re good enough, you may also be in crew with more experienced rowers.
  • Parents support us. We’ll have a tent at the competition and parents organize meals and snacks for the team.

Physical attributes

  • Girls and boys between the ages of 14 and 18. The coach may consider kids as young as 12 on a case-by-case basis.
  • You will be in boats and generally we don’t wear life jackets. You should be able to tread water for a minimum of 15 minutes and be able to swim 100 yards. The coach will always be on the water with you and have life jackets and other safety equipment in the coach’s launch.
  • We need coxswains. Small stature and a big personality is plus plus! The coxswain is the small person in the back of the boat telling everyone else what to do. If the coach isn’t giving instruction, the coxswain is the boss. Coxswains can also row with a crew, if they so choose.


  • Our head coach is US Rowing certified. Read about Coach Jay’s philosophy.
  • We use a progressive method for skill development and physical training.
  • Our training philosophy is to welcome novice rowers and encourage a life-long love of the sport.
  • There are lots of ways parents can help. Ask the coach how you can be involved.

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